LOTE (Italian)

LOTE at St. Carlos is all about fostering an appreciation of the diverse multicultural society we live in.

At St. Carlos, students from Prep to Year Six participate in a weekly 45 minute lesson in LOTE (Italian).

At the junior levels, the emphasis is on the development and acquisition of listening and speaking skills. Through stories, songs, rhymes and games, students begin to explore the sound and the rhythm of Italian.

From Year Three to Year Six, students begin developing skills in reading and writing, through a range of sequential and developmental activities. Students at the senior levels are encouraged to explore language through an integrated and personalised approach, by selecting tasks that are relevant and purposeful to their particular needs or interests.

Throughout the year, students at St. Carlos also have the opportunity to take part in external competitions such as the Penola Catholic College Italian Transition Program for students in Years Five and Six and the Dante Alighieri Junior Poster Competition, which is open to all year levels.

As a culmination to the year, in term four, the school community celebrates all things Italian, such as art, music, singing and dancing, a parade of costumes and an Italian lunch, with it's annual Italian day.

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