'Never say I can't...Always say I will try'


At St. Carlo’s we teach Mathematics to provide students with Numeracy skills, knowledge and strategies, enabling them to actively participate in an ever changing global community.

We aim to provide students with a contemporary curriculum that is relevant, flexible, and hands on; fostering exploration, investigation and ‘real-world’ learning in a sequential manner. We place a strong emphasis on building students’ mental computation strategies knowing that these provide the basis for all mathematical problem solving. We use a variety of assessment tasks in line with the current Victorian Curriculum to drive our teaching and set relevant, realistic, challenging and achievable learning outcomes for each student. We have access to a wide assortment of resources that are used to enhance the learning experience for all students and engage the students in a stimulating learning environment.

We believe that it is important for students, teachers and parents to work co-operatively together, developing a partnership where taking risks, sharing strategies and posing and solving challenging problems is encouraged.

The staff at St Carlo’s are made aware of the latest research in mathematics teaching and regularly attend professional development sessions. During planning with the Mathematics Leader, they work collaboratively to ensure that best practice is understood, sequential and followed in all classrooms.

The learning of mathematics is differentiated to enable all students to be engaged in the learning task at their appropriate level. In addition to this, intervention and extension programs are provided to support student needs.

At St. Carlo’s we follow the current Victorian Curriculum making sure that a sequential progression of learning occurs across the grade levels.

The areas that we cover include:


Number and Algebra
Measurement and Geometry
Statistics and Probability

Within each of these areas we focus on increasing student’s level of understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

At all times our hope is to develop a love of mathematics in our students, allowing them to see how it can be applied in daily life.